Care Tips


We recommend to avoid using your product on rainy days, as leather is a natural material. Therefore, it is best to avoid humidity or rain if possible. If you’ve used your bag in the rain, sometimes small bubbles appear on the leather. Those will fade naturally over time as the water dries. Remember that leather can never be entirely waterproof.


Do not use heat to dry your TOTORĒ handbag, just let it dry naturally and away from radiators. Direct heat will dry out the leather. In the case that it has been dried too much, use moisturizing products.


When using other leather treatments (especially for the first time), always test the product in an small area of your bag first, before applying it to the entire bag. We suggest trying first on the base of the bag or inside in not so visible place.


When not in use, store your bag in its dust bag away from moisture and variations of hot or cold temperatures.


Be extra careful with your suède leather. The best way to keep suède looking good is with regular preventative care. All our bags, and especially suède leather items, should be treated with a water-repelling spray. Avoid water and reapply the spray each season for protection.



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